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Our Services:

Check Up

Monthly or annual vet visits are recomended to keep  your animal  healthy. 


We provide a wide variety of vaccination services required either by law or by the health conditions of your loved one.

Nutrition Consulting

Our vets are experts in nutrition consulting.  We are happy  to assit you  in choosing a healthy diet for your friend.


Need to take your pet with you? No problem! We are more than willing to  assist you  with  your travel  paperwork.


Our facility is equiped with a high- standard lab, to ensure the best diagnostics.


To ensure that your pet get the best treatment possible we  have an on-site radiography and work with one of the best ultrasound experts in the city.


In emergency situations, where conservative treatment is not helping, we step in with an invasive treatment

Spay / Neuter

Our vets provide  high quality Spay/ Neuter procedures, whether  it is neccesary or you decide on it. 


Dental cleaning, tooth extraction, and much more is provided by us to ensure that the smile of your pet will always melt you.


On site pharmacy with a wide variety of prescription and over the counter medicine will keep  your pet current on his or her medications

Last Resort

Whether you are making the most difficult decision a pet owner has to make, we are here, holding your hand, and walking you through the entire process…

Cremation and Memorial

We are partnering with the pet memorial agency  to ensure that our clients have many  options to choose from

Frequently Asked Questions